Hall Crystal Flutes


Please choose a flute key/size and the decoration you would like. Then choose if you would like the tone holes inline or offset.

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Each one is handmade by James Hall, a flute maker and glass artist in Washington State, USA.

Hall Crystal Flutes are made from Borosilicate glass (Pyrex®)

They are decorated with kiln fired decorations. In the kiln the decorations melt at over 1000┬░ F, making a very beautiful and durable glass to glass bond.

  • Inline: The tone holes and mouth hole are all in a row.
  • Offset: The mouth hole is slightly rolled out and the tone holes are offset for finger comfort.

If you have not decided on which flute to buy, We have created a detailed page with all the information to help you make your choice. Just click this button:

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A Flute, Bb Flute, C Flute, C Piccolo, D Flute, D Piccolo, Eb Flute, F Flute, G Flute


Blue Delft, Bristol, Carolina, Clear Glass, Donegal, Dragonfly, Dundee, Green Ivy, Lurgan, Melody, Rose/Gold, Rose/Green, Taj Mahal, Tree of Life, White Dragon, White Lily


Inline, Offset